Thanksgiving Memories

If your reading this and live in the USA is is Thanksgiving today.

I remember being a kid and waking up on Thanksgiving morning going downstairs and sitting watching the Macy’s parade. While I would watch the parade my dad would be busy getting the stuffing ready for dinner. He made it from scratch for years and I would sit and watch and knowing me chat with him about anything I could think of because I am a talker.

I am grateful for those memories. Thanksgiving is different now, not just because I am grown up and have my own house. My dad has been gone now 5 years so he is not around to make the stuffing.

Time goes so fast, but I think it was about 4 years ago it hit me that my husband and I never really had our own traditions when it came to Thanksgiving. Part because for many years one or both of us would have to work. We now are blessed with jobs that holidays we get off and can spend it together. I decided it was time for us to start some traditions for ourselves.

My husband is not a huge Turkey guy so we started by having ham and then I make some sides for us. Hy Vee makes the most amazing peach pies so I get one of those every year. A few years ago we got a Honey Baked Ham and they are amazing so that is what we stick with. We have stove top stuffing, not the homemade my dad made but I am sure he would understand. I tried a few years to make a corn casserole and failed so this year I went with brussels sprouts in my Ninja Foodi using the air fryer setting and they were amazing.

The food may change a little from year to year but what hasn’t change is us being home together with our fur babies (cats). It has turned into a wonderful and relaxing tradition that we both have came to enjoy!

Whatever your traditions maybe weather you spend it with extended family or friends I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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