My happy place

Anyone else have a happy place?

My husband and I take a vacation every year, back in 2017 we decided to go to Montana and see Glacier National Park.

It was so beautiful and amazing and I fell in love. 2018, we decided to go back to Glacier to hike the mountain that we tried to hike in 2017, but didn’t make it to the top of. We stay in a different town named Whitefish, and I fell even more in love.

It had been a few years since we were in Glacier and I knew I had to come back. This year we changed it up and decided to make it a motorcycle trip. It was definitely interesting packing 8 days for two people in 1 bag that fits on the back of a motorcycle. We have been riding all day and sleeping in different towns each night.

Today, we made it to Whitefish and it made it all worth it. This is definitely my happy place and I felt so energized the minute we got here. The breathtaking drive past Flathead lake helped as well.

I am looking forward to breakfast at our favorite little cafe in the morning before we have to leave. It gets harder and harder each time to leave. The countdown is on until I can relocate my family to Montana. I truly feel that is something that will happen one day.

Until that day, I will have to get my fill and come as often as we can come. I soak in all the breathtaking Mountain View’s and have some amazing photos to look back at.

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