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New month, fresh start

Well, here we are in August, it seems crazy. July is my favorite month and it always seems to go faster every year. I normally have great visions to sit down and actually plan goals for each month, and usually it never happens. The last probably 4 months have been crazy for everyone and I have definitely lost sight of goals.

With not really being able to go and do anything, I haven’t had plans so who really would need a planner. I still worked 5 days a week, and all but for a month, went to the office so nothing really changed for me. Other then my social calendar was pretty empty with events being cancelled. I was very happy that we were able to go on our planned summer vacation.

I think the time away was needed, and it was kind of a mind reset almost. I had started to get back to my morning routine before vacation, but it had not really stuck yet. When I got back, I jumped back into working our like I had, and my body like it does told me that was a mistake. I had to take a good week off workouts and when I did start back up, I had to take it slow. This week was the week I restarted and had to slow it down.

I was recommended a book by my coach, which I will discuss more when I cam done with the book, and it just remind me it was time to get myself back on track and start reaching for goals again.

I am not one that believes that you need to have a new month to have a fresh start, but think it is  perfect timing that I was having these thoughts when it is the first day of a new month. It is fitting and I am going to run with it and see where August takes me.

The key to being successful building habits is starting small. I am going to start by doing the following 3 things:

  1. Writing down my goals every morning.
  2. Morning routine: Read daily devotional, journal, prayer, reading, writing down 3 priorities to get done for that day and my workout.
  3. Writing one blog post each week.

Those will be my steps for August. At the end of the month, I will evaluate how I have done and add something different once I get those 3 habits established.

So far today I have gotten everything done on that list. Which means I will now have time to relax and do some reading for fun or some other activity that brings me joy.

Being an adult can sometimes not be exciting with things like having to pay bills. I have learned though, if I put those not so fun tasks at the top of my list and take care of them right away, I have more time to relax and do the other fun things that come with being an adult.

It is all about mindset and perspective, and I had forgotten that until today. Time to reset my mind and refocus and see what amazing things August 2020 holds for me!

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